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Nicole Dostaler

Now in my early sixties,
I have the impression that,
like the proverbial cat,
I've been fortunate to go through
many lives in one lifetime.

I am a specialist of visceral, cranial
as well as musculo-skeletal fasciatherapy,
a gentle but very efficient touch.

For over twenty-two years,
I have been working with people of
all age and all ways of life,
relieving body pain and emotional blocks,
releasing body stress, stiffness
and restrictions, soothing old memories,
centering and grounding the spirit and
enhancing the quality of life of
every person I have worked with.

Gatineau, Québec

Here is a little story of my life.

I started working at a very young age and I loved it.

Through customer service in various domains like my grandfather's grocery, local fairs, music shop, car dealer management, federal government, banks, printing factories and more, I learned how the human mind functions and how my client's and boss's needs must be met.
  • In this part of my life, I realized how a person's attitudes, beliefs and perceptions reflect in their bodies and in their lives.
As a part-time university student in management, I discovered computers in 1981, as they were being invented. Punch-card programming and data flow analysis was very boring, but the mathematics and algorithms fascinated me: they were a language making sense of almost everything I knew.

I specialized in context-free grammars and compiler programming and found myself participating in automating the power plants of Hydro Quebec.
  • In this part of my life, I realized that in order to make a stupid machine understand a brilliant engineer, I needed to study the "language" of the brilliant engineer.
When my body began to hurt me too much to ignore it anymore, I started looking for treatments that would really help me. I had a dislocating right shoulder, and to protect it I had to twist my whole body when working on the computer.

No medical doctor, no physiatrist, no chiropractor, no one was able to help me, my shoulder was dislocating increasingly often and I began to look for answers.

While attending my first class with Danis Bois in 1991, something wonderful happened during a meditation: my heart became warm and open and a voice said to me: "This is why you chose this lifetime".
  • In this part of my life, I discovered the "language" of Life in the body: the intelligence of the inner movement and its awareness. The study and experience of this movement became my personal quest for meaning and my search for health.
My shoulder slowly improved over the years thanks to all kinds of therapies. Finally in 2007, a series of prolotherapy injections increased the thickness of the ligament capsule, and my shoulder is much more stable now.

I am grateful to my shoulder pain, because it drove me directly into the wonderful journey of the Danis Bois Method. Without dogma of any kind, the important spiritual aspect of the person is embedded in this method with all the other aspects of the self as a lived experience, and that makes it beautifully holistic.

I've had the good fortune of being intensively trained for more than eleven years by Danis Bois and his professionnal team. My international Danis Bois Method diploma allows me to help you with:
  • Manual therapy: Fasciatherapy
  • Therapeutic movement: Sensorial Training
  • Verbal therapy through the body's movement awareness: Somatic-Psychoeducation
On my spiritual side, I also became a student in Ramtha's school in 1991.
You can learn more about it by reading the story!